More than a restaurant, an experience

fusion of culture and creativity

Ama is the result of a lot of research, not only in gastronomy but also in its interior design. With the help of the Milan architect, Matteo Marchesi, a modern and functional space has been achieved, but with vintage details that captivate all tastes.

quality raw material

Our menu is adapted to each season of the year. We follow the course of nature. The products we use are top quality, both fresh and seasonal. Our elaborations are at the moment because we want to always give you the best.

A framework for art

Each dish is a unique creation, made with dedication, research and innovation. For this reason, they deserve to be served in crockery that enhances their presentation.

your palm corner

Each element of our decoration has been specifically chosen for Ama and the style of restaurant that we want to offer you. Colors, lights and textures blend together creating an ideal atmosphere to share good times in company.